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Spa Facials VS. Medical Facials

What’s the difference?


Facials are offered anywhere from salons and spas to plastic surgeons’ and dermatologist' offices.


So, what are the differences between them?


If you choose to have a facial done at a spa, expect more of a relaxing and pampering experience. Skin issues can be addressed, but the ingredients are geared towards comfort and soothing. While they can be effective, they may not be as strong or medically-based as what you can get at a medical spa. Clinical Facials are not as relaxing or pampering; more attention is given to serious skin concerns and need a clinical approach to achieve the results they want. Stronger concentrations and prescription-strength ingredients are used, along with laser treatments, to tackle more serious skin concerns. Treating yourself to regular clinical facials is essential to maintain a regular pattern of exfoliation and healthy skin. When the skin is properly and frequently exfoliated, cell turnover rate ensues, which means softer skin that is more even in tone, less prone to breakouts and shows fewer signs of aging.


Customized Clinical Facial:


Imagine a facial totally customized just for you. This is an "anything goes" treatment which may include different technologies in skincare, including the use of laser, or an appropriate light chemical peel for your skin type. Our expert Medical Aesthetician will analyze your skin's condition, and create a specialized treatment specific to your needs. This deluxe facial will resurface and completely detoxify your face, neck and decollete, leaving your skin smoother, clearer and brighter than you have ever imagined.


Basic Facial:


A first treatment recommended for all new patients. This will include an in-depth skin analysis, followed by an evaluation of your current skin care routine and products, and a customized facial accompanied by a relaxing lymphatic drainage facial massage. After discussing your goals and desires, we will formulate a tailored treatment plan to meet your needs.


Acne Facial:


Not all acne is the same. Whether your acne is caused by high bacteria levels, hormonal changes, stress, or simply a reaction to the environment, we will customize a facial to combat your acne. This treatment will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a chemical peel, extensive extractions and a detoxifying mask that will help draw out impurities and prevent periodic or ongoing breakouts. Having a skin analysis with our Acne Specialist is the most important step towards having clearer skin.


Chemical Peel Facials:


Chemical Peels are topically applied acids that create a uniform and controlled exfoliation designed to even out skin discoloration while smoothing and brightening the skin. Chemical peels are a great choice for treating rough, dehydrated, sun-damaged or acneicskin on the face, arms, back, chest, hands, and feet. While customizing the nature and depth of the peel, a significant number of layers can be exfoliated creating a fresh and vibrant appearance. Light, medium, and deep chemical peels all include extractions, lymphatic drainage facial massage, and customized mask.


Back- Chest Facial:


Are you experiencing breakouts on your back or chest? Maybe you have an upcoming special event? This special back or chest treatment is designed to deeply cleanse and soften your back or chest where it is hard to reach by yourself. Includes a deep cleanse, steaming, thorough extractions, a customized gentle peel and a cooling mask.


European Facial:


The European facial is a relaxing treatment focusing on not only the face, but the arms, shoulders, neck, and décolleté. This facial unclogs pores and removes impurities using warm towels and steam, detoxifies the skin, stimulates cellular renewal, relaxes muscles, increases circulation, softens wrinkles and hydrates the skin for a rejuvenated, youthful look to your face. The European facial will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to greet the world with a healthy, glowing complexion!



Rejuvenating Eye Treatment:


Refresh, smooth, hydrate, and “de-puff” eye area with this beneficial and relaxing service for the eyes. Eyelid skin will immediately appear firmer and refreshed.

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